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Colombia, South America
Fulgencio† - Uncle
Pilar - Aunt
Gloria Pritchett - Cousin
Sonia - Cousin
2 Unnamed Cousins
Manny Delgado - First Cousin Once Removed
Joe Pritchett - First Cousin Once Removed
Jay Pritchett - Cousin-in-Law
Javier Delgado - Ex-Cousin-in-Law
Claire Dunphy - Step-First Cousin Once Removed
Mitchell Pritchett - Step-First Cousin Once Removed
Haley Dunphy - Step-Second Cousin
Alex Dunphy - Step-Second Cousin
Luke Dunphy - Step-Second Cousin
Lily Tucker-Pritchett - Adoptive Step-Second Cousin
Phil Dunphy - Step-First Cousin-in-Law Once Removed
Cameron Tucker - Step-First Cousin-in-Law Once Removed
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Armando is Gloria Pritchett's cousin.

Armando stayed at Jay and Gloria's House, much to Jay's dismay. He thus attended Alex's graduation party as well. He had no lines at all and did not speak English.

He ate and drank all Jay's supplies without cleaning. Jay mistakenly believed that Gloria's horse ashes are actually drugs. Gloria was fed-up with Jay's attitude because he treats her family member like criminals. After Gloria gives a toast to Alex, which makes Jay guilty, Jay finally allowed Armando to stay at his home. However, Gloria discovered that Armando had been stealing Jay's Cigars from their house, so she forced him to leave without telling Jay.