Claire Scanlon is an Editor, Producer and Director, she is largely known for The Office (US) and The Wrecking Crew as an Editor. She joined The Office in its 5th Season.



Year Title Editor/Producer/Director
2017 "The Set-Up" (pre-production) Director
2013 "The Farm" Co-editor
2009 "Pitchman: A Tribute to Billy Mays" Co-editor
2008 "The Wrecking Crew" (documentary) Co-editor/Producer
2005 "Irving Thalberg: Prince of Hollywood" Editor
2002 "Stand Up: A Summer at Comedy Camp" (documentary) Editor
2001 "Las Vegas Wedding" Editor
2000 "Bodybuilders" Editor
1998 "Lenny Bruce: Swear to Tell the Truth" Editor
1998 "Warner Bros. 75th Anniversary: No Guts, No Glory" (documentary) Assistant editor
1998 "Dying to Tell the Story" (documentary) Assistant editor
1998 "America's Teenagers Growing Up on Television" Assistant editor
1997 "Frank Capra's American Dream" (documentary) Assistant editor
1996 "The Devil You Know..." Editor


Year Title Editor/Producer/Director Episodes
2016 "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" Director 1
2016 "Modern Family" Director 1
2015-16 "The Last Man On Earth" Director 3
2015-16 "Fresh Off the Boat" Director 3
2015-16 "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Director 3
2015 "Grandfathered" Director 1
2015 "Life in Pieces" Director 1
2014-15 "The Goldbergs" Director 4
2014 "Selfie" Director 2
2014 "Benched" Director 2
2014 "Awkward" Director 2
2014 "Black-ish" Director 1
2014 "Faking It" Director 5
2014 "Trophy Wife" Director 1
2014 "Suburgatory" Director 2
2013 "Hello Ladies" Editor 4
2012-15 "The Mindy Project" Director/Editor 3
2009-13 "The Office (US)" Director/Editor 30
2011 "Wilfred" Editor 1
2007-8 "Last Comic Standing" Supervising editor/producer 12
2004-7 "American Masters" (Documentary) Co-editor 3
2006-7 "Top Chef" Co-editor 3
2006 "Treasure Hunters" Editor unknown
2006 "Monster House" Director/Editor/Writer 1
2006 "Milk Cartoon Kids" Lead editor 1
2004 "The Apprentice USA" Editor 2
2003 "Drive Shaft" Editor unknown
2003 "Global Tribe" Editor 3
2002 "Monster Garage" Editor unknown


  • 2013 Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards - Co-Winner: Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing for a Comedy Series (uncredited)

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