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DeDe Pritchett
Portrayed By
First Seen
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First Mentioned
Full Name
Delia Pritchett
Also Known As
California, USA
Lucas Williams† - Father
Jay Pritchett - Ex-Husband
Claire Dunphy - Daughter
Mitchell Pritchett - Son
Phil Dunphy - Son-in-Law
Cameron Tucker - Son-in-Law
Haley Dunphy - Granddaughter
Alex Dunphy - Granddaughter
Luke Dunphy - Grandson
Lily Pritchett-Tucker - Adopted Granddaughter
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Delia "DeDe" Pritchett (nèe Williams) is Jay Pritchett's ex-wife, the mother of Claire Dunphy and Mitchell Pritchett and the grandmother of Haley, Alex, Luke and Lily. She caused a scene at Jay and Gloria's wedding, which is referred to as "The Incident". She later apologizes to Gloria, but tries to hit her moments later.


It is implied that she was initially more accepting of Mitchell's sexual orientation than Jay was when he first came out. She often uses her close relationship with Mitchell to get him to do things she doesn't want to. She is still bitter over Jay's re-marriage to Gloria and even attempted to ruin their wedding, which she convinced Mitchell to invite her to, by getting drunk and making rude and inappropriate toasts, and eventually had to be dragged out of the reception. She is also passive aggressive toward Cameron about his weight, and is often critical of Claire.


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