Haft Sang is an Iranian TV show remake of Modern Family. It is broadcast on Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), the public broadcaster of Iran.

Characters and actors

  • Nasir (Jay) played by Parviz Pourhosseini
  • Mehri (Gloria) played by Elham Pavehnejad
  • Hamed (Manny) played by Hamed Kiazal
  • Mohsen (Phil) played by Mehdi Soltani
  • Leila (Claire) played by Shabnam Moghadami
  • Amir (Haley) played by Arsalan Ghasemi
  • Shadi (Alex) played by Hannaneh Ahadi
  • Shahin (Luke) played by Parsa Gharakhanloo
  • Behrooz (Mitchell) played by Behnam Tashakor
  • Elham (Cameron) played by Farnaz Rahnama
  • Unnamed character (Lily) played by unnamed actress
  • Anoush (Dylan) played by unknown actor


  • Since same-sex relationships are banned in Iran, the Mitchell-Cameron story is cut out and replaced by a heterosexual relationship (Behrooz is the husband and Elham is the wife) and they have also adopted a child in the first episode.
  • In the original series, Phil and Claire are shown having 2 daughters and 1 son, but in the Iranian version Phil and Claire's counterparts (Mohsen and Leila, respectively) are instead shown having 2 sons and 1 daughter. This is because oldest Dunphy daughter, Haley has gone AWOL and is instead replaced by a teenage boy, Amir. Due to this change, Haley's boyfriend, Dylan is replaced by a boy, Anoush who is a close friend of Amir. This change is because in Iran, friendships between opposite sexes, even for children, aren’t allowed. This is why in the original series, Claire goes to check on Haley and Dylan if they're not doing anything stupid and instead in the Iranian version, Leila instead enters Amir's room entered the room in the guise of providing refreshments and this is also the reason why the Iranian version featured Amir and his male friend, Anoush in his room.
  • Alcoholic drinks cannot be depicted on these shows, nor can boy-girl friendships, “even for children of school age.” All women above the age of nine must wear a hijab on screen. “No man would ever touch a lady even if he plays her dad or brother or husband,” YouTube user Sina Haghighi said. “No matter what!”
  • The Iranian episodes are twice as long as the American version, around 40-50 minutes each, yet they lack some of the original’s subplots (such as Manny’s crush on an older girl and Jay dressing up to look younger), making for a much more slowly paced show.


  • Haft Sang translates to "seven stones".
  • The Iranian episodes are twice as long as the original version, around 40-50 minutes each.


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