Haley Dunphy's Disciplinary Hearing took place in her first college in "Arrested".


The night of that same day (in the early hours of the morning), Haley was at a party drinking and then the cops busted the party and as Haley tried to escape, she ended up accidentally assaulting a police officer by falling on top of him and resisted arrest in front of another police officer and she was taken to jail.

Haley's parents Phil and Claire and Claire's brother Mitchell set off to bail Haley out and once they did, they found p out she had to appear before a disciplinary board that would decide whether or not she gets kicked out of school.

The hearing was presided by Dean Miller and beside him was Professor Williams who was silent and the student representative was Aidan Feldman.

The hearing

During the hearing, Aidan was apparently biased against Haley and was offended that she said to him "Nice to meet you." when they actually sit next to each other in Econ and he stopped Haley from going "Oh, right." because it insults both him and Dean Miller, but mostly Aidan.

Aidan read out Haley's charges of public drunkenness, resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer, all of which obviously violated the college's code of conduct. Mitchell got up to speak on behalf of Haley, but Aidan said that students are required to speak for themselves and that attorneys are not allowed and that he shouldn't even be there, but allowed Mitchell to sit in his chair, be super quiet and listen to Haley speaking. Instead of defending herself, Haley started blurting out everything illegal she had done since she had started college. When Dean Miller asked Haley if there was anything else she would like to add, she said "Go, Wildcats?" and Dean responded "Oh, boy." and Aidan said "That's not even our mascot.".


The outcome was discovered during the scene where Gloria gave a final interview about families and it was discovered with Phil, Claire and Haley hugging in the dorm room with her side now empty, showing that the outcome is that Haley was expelled from college. She returned home to her family and the whole gang was together again.

In Season 5, Haley started attending a community college where she began studying photography and business and was still living with her family.

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