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Jay Francis Pritchett
Portrayed by
First Seen
Last Seen
First Mentioned
Full Name
Jason Francis Pritchett
Also Known As
May,23 1947
California, USA
Family Members
Gloria Pritchett - Wife
Manny Delgado - Step-Son
Fulgencio Pritchett - Son
Donnie Pritchett - Brother
Stella - Pet
Dede Pritchett - Ex-Wife
Claire Dunphy - Daughter
Mitchell Pritchett - Son
Phil Dunphy - Son-in-Law
Haley Dunphy - Granddaughter
Luke Dunphy - Grandson
Alex Dunphy - Granddaughter
Lily Pritchett-Tucker - Granddaughter
Cameron Tucker - Son-in-Law
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Jay Francis Pritchett is the patriarch of the family and father of Claire, Mitchell and Fulgencio, who is on the south side of middle age. He is married to Gloria and a stepfather to Manny, however he is much older than Gloria and is often mistaken for her father. At times there is a cultural clash between him and his wife and step son because of their strong Colombian heritage. Most of the time Jay manages to tolerate Manny's sensitivity and Gloria's attitude. Although he usually acts tough, he values all of his extended family members.

On occasion Jay enjoys traditionally manly hobbies such as watching football (Jay used to be a quarterback in college) and constructing model airplanes. He has never really been accepting of his son, Mitchell, being gay. However he seems to become accepting of this in the episode "Come Fly With Me", but after this episode he isn't still completely accepting of his son being gay. Aside from this, he is seen trying to get Shorty to "open up" to him in the episode "Fifteen Percent", and tries to comfort him about being gay, only to find out that he isn't gay. In Season 4 he is expecting a new child. His child, Fulgencio Joseph Pritchett, was born in "Party Crasher".


Season OneEdit


Jay is first seen watching his stepson Manny's soccer game. Also there, Gloria is eagerly, and loudly shouting encouragement to her son and begins arguing with another parent. Jay asks her to take it down a notch. Jay and Gloria are then interviewed, where Gloria discusses the differences between their backgrounds: she is from a small area in Colombia which is "number one for murders", while Jay comes from the city and owns a big business.Back on the pitch, Manny lets the other team score a goal when he is distracted by a beautiful sixteen-year old girl riding by on a bicycle, much to the team's dismay and the dismay of one of the parents, who Gloria threatens to 'take her out'. Gloria speaks to the father of one of the other players, who assumes that Jay is her dad.After the match, Manny tells Gloria that he's quitting soccer and wants to visit the mall and tell his sixteen year crush, Brenda, that he loves her. In an interview, Gloria tells that Manny is more like his father; very passionate. She says that all they did was 'fight and make love'. This is a shocker to Jay.

After arriving at the mall, Jay tries to convice Manny not to admit his love for Brenda, but Manny does it anyway. Moments after Manny reads a poem a she reveals she has a boyfriend, Jay is mistaken for a mall walker so he decides to buy some new fashionable clothes.

In in interview with Mitchell, it's revealed Jay isn't comfortable with him being gay even after 5 years. The last scene is at Mitchell and Cameron's house where Lily is going to be introduced to the rest of the family. We learn that all three families are related. Before Lily is introduced, Jay, who is uncomfortable having a gay son, says that Mitchell and Cameron shouldn't adopt and, if they're bored, should get a dog. Cameron enters, holding Lily aloft before the family while "Circle of Life" from The Lion King plays. The entire family, including Jay, fawns over her.


  • Jay can be seen reading a news paper that was previously seen in Married With Children which he starred in!
  • Jay's favorite song is "Midnight Train to Georgia."


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