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Jerry is the former neighbor of Phil and Claire. He is portrayed by Matt Besser.

In "Halloween", Jerry tells Phil that his wife walked out on him, which freaks Phil out. Phil presses Jerry to tell him, but he stops listening at "spontaneous and sexy."

In "Won't You Be Our Neighbor", Jerry moves out after his divorce from his wife and asks Phil to sell his (Jerry's) house.

In "Thanksgiving Jamboree" Jerry is invited to spend Thanksgiving with the Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker family. Jerry is pretty depressed, presumably because of the divorce. During the party Phil, Jay and Jerry go to a pharmacy and run into Jerry's wife's divorce lawyer that also turns out to have been Dede's lawyer too.

=== Season 8 ===
Quote1 Jerry: I'm only allowed to see my children once a week. I hardly know them.
Luke: Oh! Well, Clark is head of the math club and Tina has turned into a bit of a slut.
Jerry: Thanks for the update.

From "Thanksgiving Jamboree"

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