Jimmy Scrivano
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Full Name
Jimmy Scrivano
Also Known As
Wyoming, USA
S1 - S2 - S3 - S4 - S5 - S6
Jimmy Scrivano is a teenage boy who Alex Dunphy meets while she is on vacation with her family in Wyoming in "Dude Ranch".

He begins flirting with Alex, which makes her to feel annoyed, and demands him to leave her alone. He does, but right after he returns and kisses her. Later, Alex confronts Jimmy and tells him that he "stole" her first kiss. He says that he doesn't want it and he precedes to give it back by kissing her again. She says that she doesn't want it now and "gives it back to him" by kissing him passionately before she leaves confused at what she has done. They end up falling in love, but decide to not keep a relationship since they live across the country from each other.

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