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Lillian Elizabeth Tucker-Pritchett
Also Known As
Lily (by the families)
Sweet Pea, Jenny, Lucy, Lil, Princess, Yoko, Linda
February 19, 2008
Mitchell Pritchett - Adoptive Dad
Cameron Tucker - Adoptive Daddy
Phil Dunphy - Adoptive Uncle
Claire Dunphy - Adoptive Aunt
Jay Pritchett - Adoptive Grandfather
DeDe Pritchett - Adoptive Grandmother
Gloria Pritchett - Adoptive Step-Grandmother
Merle Tucker - Adoptive Grandfather
Barb Tucker - Adoptive Grandmother
Pam Tucker - Adoptive Aunt
2 Unnamed Siblings of Cameron - Adoptive Aunt(s)/Uncle(s)
Manny Delgado - Adoptive Step-Uncle
Joe Pritchett - Adoptive Half-Uncle
Larry - Pet
Haley Dunphy - Adoptive Cousin
Alex Dunphy - Adoptive Cousin
Luke Dunphy - Adoptive Cousin
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Lillian Elizabeth "Lily" Tucker-Pritchett (formerly Tucker Pritchett) is Mitchell and Cameron's adopted Vietnamese daughter.


Before the Show

Lily was born in Vietnam on February 19th, 2008 and was adopted as a baby by Mitch and Cam. She was cared for by a group of Asian women while she was in the orphanage ("Fears").


As a baby, Lily has been a constant center of attention, being the youngest of the clan. She has had a petty rivalry with Luke and Manny because of this, until Joe is born in "Party Crasher". In later seasons, Lily has become a bubbly toddler with a snarkiness she seems to get from her parents as well as Claire who babysits her often ("Fulgencio").

Even at a young age, Lily has shown kindness and selflessness, such as when she ran to get Joe as his pirate castle collapses ("Integrity") and when she gives her puppy pound to a homeless boy for Christmas ("The Old Man & the Tree"). Although in "Crying Out Loud", her parents express how they have noticed Lily has not developed a sense of empathy so far.

In Season 8's "A Stereotypical Day", Lily has a friend, called Tom, over, Mitch tells Cam that Tom used to be Tina, in other words, Tom is transgender. After this, they hear Lily call him a weirdo. When asking Lily why she called him that, Lily tells them that it wasn't because he is transgender, it's because he saw the painting of Mitch and Cam in Lily's bedroom and stated that the people in the painting Mitch and Cam) are weirdos.

After Mitch and Cam learn this, Lily tells them she doesn't like it either, but she wanted to defend them anyway.

Mishaps with Lily

There have been several occasions in which Lily has been involved with and/or caused a problem during an episode:

Lily, Luke, and Manny throw a party the same night Phili and Mitch are given some gummy bear with weed/THC in them at a premier to movie from a friend. Both Clair and Gloria are together leaving Manny and Luke to watch Lily. Phili and Mitch just ate the gummy bears just as the alert from there security system that there was a fire but alarm stop immediately so Phili thought nothing of it. Clair insist that the boys are up to no good. Gloria calls Manny and he said that they burnt the cookies they was making. Since Manny never lies to Gloria, she believed him. Luke yells at Manny that the oven is broken. Clair tells Gloria that oven is broken so they are lying. Clair calls Phili and they all go to the Dunphys house. Lily hides the kids at the party with her in a room, making sure they are quite.

Jay and Gloria was watching Lily. Stuff kept happening and every time the asked Lily if she did it, she would say no Joe did it. Jay and Gloria was thinking she was lying because Joey couldn't even walk. More stuff would happen and only then four there Jay and Gloria was thinking Lily had a big lying problem. She even said Joe was walking and neither of them seen him. They been trying to get him to walk because he was a little behind his age group. To their surprise Joe did walk to Lily.


Lily is a hilarious, entertaining and (physically) charming character with a sassy personality. In "Little Bo Bleep" Lily is heard saying the F-word, solely for the purpose of making her Daddy laugh hysterically. Lily quickly picks up on words or phrases said by other people, including from her aunt, Claire Dunphy. In the episode "Fulgencio" Lily repeats snarky and sarcastic lines originally said by Claire, who had been spending time with her.


Season Summaries


















Love Interests


Pre - School Lover.


  • In the Greek adaptation of Modern Family, Lily is portrayed as a British girl rather than a Vietnamese girl. Also, her name remains the same.
  • Though Lily is Vietnamese, Aubrey Anderson-Emmons is actually of Korean heritage.
  • Lily may have been named after Cam's family pig, as revealed in the episode "Leap Day", though Cam does not confirm this.
  • In the original series and the Greek series, Lily has recast in both versions.
  • In the Chilean adaptation of Modern Family, Lily's counterpart is only left with Mitchell and Cameron's counterparts while her mother has left to travel abroad.


Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Quote1 Cam: I do not pick her up early from preschool.
Mitch: Lily, did daddy pick you up early from preschool?
Lily: No.
Cam: See? Case closed.
Lily: We didn't go.
Mitch: Case open.
Lily: We went shopping.
Cam: All right, Lily.
Lily: We bought matchy hats.
Cam: You're going to your room.
Mitch: You're both going to her room.
From "When Good Kids Go Bad"

Season 4
Quote1 Sal: Sorry you couldn't come to the wedding, it was no kids.
Lily: It's okay, I'll go to your next one.
Sal: [Frustrated and annoyed] Wow!
Cam: She just means when she's not a kid anymore.
Lily: She knows what I mean.
Sal: I don't like you.
Lily: [Whispers] I'll get over it.
From "Best Men"
Quote1 Lily: Who's going to take care of me?
Cam: Haley is.
Lily: I'm serious.
Mitch: Alex.
Lily: Okay, let's go.
From "New Year's Eve"

Season 5
Quote1 Lily: [after seeing Manny off] What if he doesn't come back?
Jay: Oh, honey, no one leaves home and doesn't come back.
Lily: I did.
From "Suddenly, Last Summer"

Season 6
Quote1 [Mitch and Cam are dancing romantically]
Lily: Are we almost done with fairy time?
Mitch: [in unison with Cam, flustered] Lily! Of all the...
Cam: Lily, that's offensive.
Lily: [Is actually wearing a fairy costume] I just want to get out of this costume.
From "The Long Honeymoon"

Season 7
Quote1 Lily: What is the lowest common denominator?
Cam: Reality television.
Lily: Hilarious, but I'm studying for a test.
From "Man Shouldn't Lie"

Season 8
Quote1 Lily: Pancakes, yay!
Cam: Oh, uh, we're actually out of those.
Dwight: [through a mouthful of food] You can have the rest.
Cam: No, no! We put some performance supplements in there that could mess with you as a lady.
Lily: What else is there?
Cam: Well, I'm going to the store later. In the meantime, you can have some fruit.
Lily: That's real? I thought it was just for show.
From "Weathering Heights"



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