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Luke Dunphy
Portrayed by
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Full Name
Lucas Timothy Dunphy
Also Known As
August,30 1999
California, USA
Family Members
Claire Dunphy - Mother
Phil Dunphy - Father
Alex Dunphy - Sister
Haley Dunphy - Sister
Jay Pritchett - Grandfather
Dede Pritchett - Grandmother
Gloria Pritchett - Step-Grandmother
Mitchell Pritchett - Uncle
Fulgencio Pritchett - Half-Uncle
Cameron Tucker - Uncle
Lily Pritchett-Tucker - Cousin
Manny Delgado Step-Uncle
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Lucas Timothy "Luke" Dunphy, is Claire and Phil's youngest and most rambunctious child, who is often doing his own thing. He is named after his great-grandfather (Dede's father). At times, he can be a trouble maker, once shooting his sister with a toy gun and getting into a fight with Manny at school. Like most children, Luke is very innocent and does not always understand the repercussions of his actions; he once announced at a family gathering that his mom thought Gloria was a "Coal Digger." He is also thought to be a bit vacuous, because of many questionable actions; some of these actions that he is known for are getting his head stuck in the banister and jumping on the trampoline wearing only underwear and a box on his head. He also shows signs of ADD when he repeatedly becomes distracted while doing his Van Gogh assignment, which he seems to get from his father. Luke is currently 14.

Quotes from Luke Edit

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