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Manny Delgado
Portrayed By
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Full Name
Manuel Alberto Javier Alejandro Delgado
Also Known As
Manny Frank, Jes, Knæ, Papi, Delgado, Hollywood, Hugh Hef-Nerd, Manimal, Mandrake, Mario, Pink Top, Amuse Douche, Gomez
January 19, 1999
Florida, USA
Javier Delgado - Father
Gloria Pritchett - Mother
Jay Pritchett - Step-Father
Joe Pritchett - Half-Brother
Sonia - Aunt
2 Unnamed Uncles
Fulgencio† - Grandfather
Pilar - Grandmother
Stella - Pet
Claire Dunphy - Step-Sister
Mitchell Pritchett - Step-Brother
Cameron Tucker - Step-Brother-in-Law
Lily Tucker-Pritchett - Adoptive Step-Niece
Phil Dunphy - Step-Brother-in-Law
Haley Dunphy - Step-Niece
Alex Dunphy - Step-Niece
Luke Dunphy - Step-Nephew
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Manuel Alberto Javier Alejandro "Manny" Delgado is Gloria's Colombian-American son from her previous marriage, who is very outgoing and has evolved from being not the least bit self-conscious to maybe being even overly conscious about his outfits. He is very mature and intuitive for his age and is often shown doing adult-like things, such as having conversations with Claire about her marriage and kids, drinking coffee and handling problems like a man. He has inherited his mother's passion for life which causes him to be very romantic. His support is mainly channeled through his mother, Gloria, and almost nonexistent in his stepfather Jay, who in the recent episodes has been getting a bit closer to Manny.

Manny isn't afraid to take chances, leading him to ask out older girls, and develop somewhat of a crush on Haley. Once something goes wrong he never gives up. He idolizes his absentee father often speaking about him in a positive light, even after being repeatedly flaked on. He plays for a soccer team and fences. He is also shown to have a big fear of butterflies, which was never shown in Season 1, however, it was shown on several instances in Season 2

Personality Edit

Throughout all the Modern Family seasons, Manny has not been afraid to show his affection towards his crushes. He likes coffee and suits. For many episodes Manny tried to win over Haley Dunphy but, eventually he gave up and moved on. Manny is also so known as the ladies man. But not the common kind he is sweet and kind. But, easily galls for many women.

Manny is incredibly eccentric, idiosyncratic and pompous. He cares immensely about his appearance, and Claire remarks that he 'dresses like a count'. Manny is extremely pompous and somewhat conceited, shown in the quote 'Kids? You don't need to tell me. My school is full of them'. This shows that he not only has poor observation skills, but he sees himself above the other children in his school. This also leads to exceptional insensitivity, as he arrogantly refers to himself as 'Luke's uncle'. He also thinks that he is the center of attention, shown in 'Hawaii' when he sits at a table with his family, oblivious or ignorant to the incredible problems that the others are facing, says 'Ok. Everyone's thinking it, I'm just saying it: My jacket's a mess!'

However, despite his eccentricity and arrogance, Manny is a surprisingly affable to people and is polite to everyone he meets.

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