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Season 5

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Clive bixby
Philip "Phil" Dunphy (Ty Burrell), is Claire's husband of 16 years who sees himself as the "cool dad." He dotes on his wife Claire and constantly tries to find ways to bond with his three kids. He is seen as very competitive, some examples being his nature of always beating his son at basketball. He has a very child-like attitude and is referred to by Claire as the "kid [she's] married to." He uses a parenting method that he calls "peerenting", which is a combination of talking like a peer, but acting like a parent.


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I always feel bad for people with emotionally distant fathers. I'm surprised I didn't end up a stripper.

Phil Dunphy, Travels with Scout

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    Jacob Lyons

    April 13, 2014 by JL the superhuman

    Luke Lyons is a high school football player and is the cousin of Alex Dunphy. 

    Luke is a very smart and funny as described by his teachers and friends. He attends same high school as his cousin Alex D…

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    Hello guys, gals and everything in between. I'm John, but more importantly I'm the founder of the Modern Family Wiki. I'm not a huge fan of blogs, both reading and writing (on account of they're supe…

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    Just wanted to share a sneak peek!!

    Two more days!!!

    Enjoy! And keep it up! I love modernfamilywiki!!!! :)

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    Myself and my family are big fans of the show and I recently created a replica version of the Phil'sosophy book that Phil gave to Haley when she goes to college and that is heavily featured in the ep…

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