Mrs. Chambers
[[Image:|Mrs. Chambers|250px]]
Portrayed By
First Seen
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Full Name
Mrs. Chambers
Also Known As
California, USA
Earl Chambers - Husband
Mr. Chambers - Son
Mrs. Chambers - Daughter-in-Law
Sophie Chambers - Granddaughter
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Mrs. Chambers is the wife of Earl Chambers and grandmother of Sophie Chambers.

She was mentioned in "Won't You Be Our Neighbor" when Earl and his former friend and worst enemy Jay Pritchett were in the restaurant where Jay's wife Gloria had arranged for the two men to settle their differences.

Earl says that he's in the restaurant because Gloria says Jay wants to apologize, but Jay tells him it's Earl who owes the apology to Jay. Then Earl says at Closetcon, 1998, Jay sabotaged Earl's booth. But Jay says that that thing collapsed because it was cheap and bought in the orient like Earl's wife.

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