Mrs. Marshall
[[Image:|Mrs. Marshall|250px]]
Portrayed By
First Seen
Last Seen
First Mentioned
"The Incident (possibly) or Heart Broken"
Full Name
Mrs. Marshall
Also Known As
California, USA
Mr. Marshall - Possible Ex-Husband
Dylan Marshall - Son
Other Child(ren)
Unnamed Grandson
S1 - S2 - S3 - S4 - S5 - S6
Mrs. Marshall is Dylan's mother.

In "The Incident", Dylan tells the family that in his family, they don't talk to each other.

In "Heart Broken", Dylan mentioned that she had kicked him out for her new boyfriend.

Dylan then talks about moving back in with her after Mitch and Cam don't think it's a really good idea for Dylan to stay in their home.


  • It is unknown whether she is divorced from her son's father who is mentioned in "The Closet Case".

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