Mrs. Pritchett
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Mrs. Pritchett
California, USA
Joe† - Brother or Brother-in-Law
Mr. Pritchett† - Husband
Jay Pritchett - Son
Donnie Pritchett - Son
Becky Pritchett - Daughter
Claire Dunphy - Granddaughter
Mitchell Pritchett - Grandson
Joe Pritchett - Grandson
Haley Dunphy - Great-Granddaughter
Alex Dunphy - Great-Granddaughter
Luke Dunphy - Great-Grandson
Lily Tucker-Pritchett - Adoptive Great-Granddaughter
Gloria Pritchett - Daughter-in-Law
DeDe Pritchett - Ex-Daughter-in-Law
Manny Delgado - Step-Grandson
Phil Dunphy - Grandson-in-Law
Cameron Tucker - Grandson-in-Law
Irene Pritchett - Daughter-in-Law
Michael Pritchett - Grandson
Unnamed Granddaughter-in-Law
Melanie Pritchett - Great-Granddaughter
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Mrs. Pritchett was the mother of Jay Pritchett, Donnie Pritchett, and Becky Pritchett, the mother-in-law of Gloria Pritchett & Irene Pritchett and ex-mother-in-law of DeDe Pritchett, as well as the paternal grandmother of Claire Dunphy, Mitchell Pritchett, & Michael Pritchett, and Joe Pritchett.

In "The Incident", Jay thinks Mitchell is joking that his (Jay's) mother came back from the grave.

In "Mother's Day", Jay and Phil were cooking up a Mother's Day meal and Phil finds a poem Jay wrote for his mother when he was a boy.

At dinner, he tells the whole family that one time when he had a Little League Coach during a football game and was laying on to him about something, she came charging out of the stands and went up to the guy face-to-face and nose-to-nose and told him "Nobody and I mean nobody yells at my little boy". This caused Jay to start crying and saying "You only get one mom" and this line caused Haley and Alex to apologize to their mother, Claire after an argument during a walk for spoiling her special day.


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