Ms. Kleezak
[[Image:|Ms. Kleezak|250px]]
Portrayed By
First Seen
Last Seen
First Mentioned
Full Name
Ms. Kleezak
Also Known As
Walt Kleezak† - Father
Mrs. Kleezak - Mother
S1 - S2 - S3 - S4 - S5 - S6
Ms. Kleezak is the daughter of Walt Kleezak.

In "The Last Walt", her father died from a heart attack and Phil realized that she and Walt had been estranged from each other and their estrangement was never fixed.

Phil decides that he does not want the same thing to happen with himself and Alex, so he sets out with her for some great stories to replace the empty gallery of Phil-Alex moments. All his attempts to create something special (he even tries to get a woman in labor so they can help her deliver since no one else is around to do it) fail and when Alex asks him why he is acting so weird, he tells her that he just wants to create a special memory for her. Alex tells him she will always remember how her father spent the entire day trying to create a memory for her.

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