"Pig Moon Rising"
Season 8
Episode 17
Total Episode Count 183
Written By Paul Corrigan & Brad Walsh
Directed By Chris Koch
Production Code 8ARG17
Air Date March 15, 2017
Episode Guide
"Five Minutes"

Pig Moon Rising is the seventeenth episode from Season 8 of Modern Family, it will air on March 15, 2017.

Plot Summary

During a quick workout session in the garage, Mitchell accidentally knocks over an urn filled with the ashes of Cam's beloved pet pig Lilly. He quickly attempts to cover up his blunder and devises an appropriate cover-up. Hoping to catch Mitchell in his lie, Cam makes up a tall tale to trap him, but his own lie soon becomes a little too big to manage.[1]

Episode Description

Main Cast

(The characters striked out do not appear in this episode)

  • Jay Pritchett
  • Gloria Pritchett
  • Manny Delgado
  • Joe Pritchett
  • Claire Dunphy
  • Phil Dunphy
  • Haley Dunphy
  • Alex Dunphy
  • Luke Dunphy
  • Mitchell Pritchett
  • Cameron Tucker
  • Lily Tucker-Pritchett

Guest Starring

  • Rick Holmes as Dean Hinden
  • Jaime Moyer as Mrs. Pasternak
  • Elka Rodriguez as Guillermo's Mom
  • Diego Olmedo as Guillermo
  • Stephanie Y. Wang as Receptionist
  • Kyle Erby as Father
  • Darielle Stewart as Daughter


  • Alex does not appear in this episode.


Cultural References

  • The episode title references the song "Bad Moon Rising"
  • Manny compares himself to Lady Mary in the last season of Downton Abbey
  • Jay mentions Gary Puckett & The Union Gap
  • Jay fails to name Gloria Estefan's "Turn the Beat Around"
  • "The Barnacle" is real, introduced in 2016