Portrayed By
Unnamed Dog
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Full Name
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California, USA
Frank Dunphy - Owner
Grace Dunphy† - Owner
S1 - S2 - S3 - S4 - S5 - S6
Scout is Frank Dunphy's pet dog.

In "Travels with Scout", Frank comes over from Cocoa Beach with his RV to visit the family. He also brings Scout to give it to them, as he can't raise it because his wife Grace is allergic to dogs. Claire as expected is angry at this as she expects the family not to help with the dog and she will do all the work. While taking the trash out, Claire overhears Frank crying in his RV and thinks that has something to do with Grace. Claire tells Phil, but Phil doesn't believe it. Claire convinces Phil to ask his father what is wrong, though when he gets ready to ask, Phil instead avoids it with another question. Claire continues to be bothered by Scout, though it becomes clear she begins bonding with it. When Frank is about to leave, Phil finally asks him what is wrong and Frank tells Phil he fell in love, making Phil think his parents are divorcing. Then Frank says he fell in love with a he, Scout. Therefore, the family decides to let Frank keep the dog and Claire, who ends up being the most upset that Scout is leaving, gives Scout her bra. Frank then leaves with Luke chasing the RV like a dog.

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