Season 9
Modern Family Season 9 Poster
Country of Origin United States
Episodes 22
Original Channel America - ABC
UK - Sky1
Australia - Network Ten
Original Run September 27, 2017
Premiere "Lake Life"
Finale "TBA"
DVD Release Date TBA
Season Chronology
"Season 8"
"Season 10"

Modern Family was renewed for a 9th Season, despite rumors that it might not get renewed after Season 8. The renewal of both Season 9 and Season 10 was announced on May 10, 2017.[1]

Cast and Characters

Main Cast

Recurring Cast

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Guest Cast

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  • Vanessa Williams was announced to guest star as Rhonda, a country club member who would take Haley under her wing on the second episode of the season.[2]


Image Title Writers Director Airdate No. in
No. in
"Lake Life" Elaine Ko James Bagdonas September 27, 2017 1 189
In the season premiere, Jay forces the family to take their family vacation on a houseboat on a lake in an effort to create memories that will last long after he's gone. Meanwhile, Mitchell runs into an old flame that opens some old wounds; Cam has to stay out of the sun at all costs; Phil and Claire try out some adventurous excursions; and the kids' quest for a good time may not be as fun as they expected.
"The Long Goodbye" Brad Walsh & Paul Corrigan Jim Hensz October 4, 2017 2 190
Phil and Claire realize that Alex may be more self-sufficient in college than they give her credit for when they drop in for a quick visit. Meanwhile, Manny is determined to avoid a long tearful goodbye after Gloria and Jay move him into his college dorm. Finally, Mitch may have accidentally accelerated a planned renovation, and Haley gets an unexpected opportunity when she befriends a wealthy female member at the country club.
"Catch of the Day" Jeffrey Richman Fred Savage October 11, 2017 3 191
Phil's convinced he is going to have a day of bad luck after failing to successfully complete his daily superstition. However, Claire is eager to make it to a concert and has no time for his silly notion. Meanwhile, Mitch is certain that Cam is undermining him during their kitchen renovation, and Jay is determined to get Gloria to admit she was in a car accident.
"Sex, Lies & Kickball" Abraham Higginbotham John Riggi October 18, 2017 4 192
Jay's best friend, Shorty, is back from Costa Rica and stays at the house so they can catch up and reconnect. However, Shorty is spending more time with Gloria and seems to be avoiding Jay. Meanwhile, Alex is ready to shed her good-girl image and is going to prove to Claire that her relationship with Ben is definitely a sexual relationship.
"It's the Great Pumpkin, Phil Dunphy" Jon Pollack Beth McCarthy-Miller October 25, 2017 5 193
Phil and Claire still want to celebrate Halloween in a big way, but it seems no one shares their same enthusiasm making them wonder if maybe everyone is right. Over at the Pritchett's, Mitch and Cam are frustrated by how long Jay is taking to finish their kitchen remodel, which forces Mitch to finally stand up to his dad. Meanwhile, Gloria's hospitality is wearing thin when Cam oversteps his boundaries as a house guest.
"Ten Years Later" Danny Zuker Fred Savage November 1, 2017 6 194
"Winner Winner Turkey Dinner" Beth McCarthy-Miller Bill Wrubel November 15, 2017 7 195
"Brushes with Celebrity" Vali Chandrasekaran Jeffrey Walker November 29, 2017 8 196
"Tough Love" Stephen Lloyd John Riggi December 6, 2017 9 197
"No Small Feet" December 13, 2017 10 198
"TBA" 11 199
"TBA" 12 200
"TBA" 13 201
"TBA" 14 202
"TBA" 15 203
"TBA" 16 204
"TBA" 17 205
"TBA" 18 206
"TBA" 19 207
"TBA" 20 208
"TBA" 21 209
"TBA" 22 210



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