Portrayed By
Emma Bateman
First Seen
Last Seen
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Full Name
Also Known As
California, USA
Unnamed Sister
S1 - S2 - S3 - S4 - S5 - S6
Skylar is a girl who befriends Alex Dunphy in "Snip".

Claire suspects that Skylar starts being a bad influence for Alex, as she is now dressing up gothic clothes just like Skylar. Later, when Claire comes home to change her shirt, she hears a noise and goes upstairs to find Skylar just about to shave the back of Alex's neck with a razor. Claire asks Alex why she was not at school and Alex responds that they cut last period because they were shaving the backs of their necks because she thinks it's something cool. Although Alex first thinks Claire will freak out, Claire stupidly grabs the razor and encourages them to do it. But during her stupidity, she has the razor on and accidentally cuts off a significant portion of Skylar's hair which causes Alex to freak out and Skylar to be furious, especially since she has her sister's wedding that coming Saturday. Claire apologizes but Skylar is disgusted, tells them both to stay away from her and leaves. Alex gets angry with Claire telling her she ruined her life and she chases after Skylar and leaves her mother alone with the razor and cut hair feeling guilty. However, Alex later reveals that she thinks Skylar is awful and that Claire actually has done her a huge favor.

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