Spenser McNeil
Gender Male
Born Unknown
Character Reuben
Occupation Actor
Years Active 2012 - present

Spencer McNeil is an American actor known only for the role on Modern Family. McNeil started acting in 2012, where he got his first role playing Reuben on Modern Family.

Filmography (Actor)

Year Role TV/Film Episode
2012 Reuben TV "Open House of Horrors"
2013 Reuben TV "Fulgencio"
2013 Reuben TV "Larry's Wife"
2015 Reuben TV "The Verdict"
2015 Reuben TV "The More You Ignore Me"
2015 Reuben TV "Phil's Sexy, Sexy House"
2015 Reuben TV "Clean Out Your Junk Drawer"

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