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Stella is the dog of the Pritchett family, introduced in "Good Cop Bad Dog". She is a French Bulldog. Stella is very problematic and destroys things, mostly Gloria's. She was previously owned by the dog trainer who sought for Jay's advice about his new business idea (good and bad doggie treats) which was harshly criticized. The dog trainer could not keep her since he had to go back to school so Jay's family decided to take care of her. Jay did not like to keep her at first but now he is the one who loves her the most. Also now she is much to Gloria's dismay, an example is in "Phil on Wire" when Stella starts to bite and break all of Gloria's shoes. Also in "Little Bo Bleep", when Stella doesn't stop to dive into the pool and everybody starts thinking she has suicide attempts, Gloria also has to dive into the pool to save her and gets all wet.

Stella was played by a French Bulldog named Brigitte until "Send Out the Clowns". As of season 4, she is now played by another dog (who is also a French Bulldog) called Beatrice.


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