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Colombia, South America
Ana-Maria Rosa de la Immaculada Jimenez Morales† - Possible Wife
Pilar - Daughter
Gloria Pritchett - Granddaughter
Sonia - Granddaughter
2 Unnamed Grandsons
Manny Delgado - Great-Grandson
Joe Pritchett - Great-Grandson
Fulgencio† - Son-in-Law
Jay Pritchett - Grandson-in-Law
Javier Delgado - Ex-Grandson-in-Law
Claire Dunphy - Step-Great-Granddaughter
Mitchell Pritchett - Step-Great-Grandson
Haley Dunphy - Step-Great-Great-Granddaughter
Alex Dunphy - Step-Great-Great-Granddaughter
Luke Dunphy - Step-Great-Great-Grandson
Lily Tucker-Pritchett - Adoptive Step-Great-Great-Granddaughter
Phil Dunphy - Step-Great-Grandson-in-Law
Cameron Tucker - Step-Great-Grandson-in-Law
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Umberto was Pilar's father.

In "Fulgencio", Jay and Pilar clash about the naming of Jay and Gloria's son, Joe. Pilar wants to call him "Fulgencio Umberto Pritchett" (Fulgencio after her late husband and Umberto after her late father), but Jay disagrees and near the end, he is called "Fulgencio Joseph Pritchett", but Jay insists that they will never call him "Fulgencio", but "Joe". The initals spelled F. U. Pritchett, which made Jay feel uncomfortable.

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