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    June 8, 2012 by Renaboss

    Here is the thing: sometime ago, I would say approximately two months before the start of June, the time during which I am writing this statement, Lynettefan2626 (then called Julietfan2626, I believe) gave me his password to access his wiki during a weekend when he was away on a holiday. The password was "lynette". He did so in order for me to make small edits on the Desperate Housewives Wiki, so as to prevent him from interrupting his streak of days working there and thus to keep him from losing a badge (the 100 day badge, I think). Anyway, I did just this, small edits, and didn't go back to his account after he'd returned. Until a few days later, unfortunately I didn't memorize the dates, when Lynettefan2626 and I, Renaboss, got into a b…

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