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Walt Kleezak
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Walt Kleezak
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California, USA
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Walt Kleezak was a neighbor of the Dunphy family. While the Dunphy family are initially frightened by Walt, and forbid Luke from seeing him on account of believing he could be a pedophile. However, Luke's eventual friendship with Walt convinces the Dunphy's that he is not that scary. Walt needs oxygen tanks to breath, and has fought in the war. He is seen playing video games with Luke.

Walt is first seen in "Boys' Night", when neither Phil nor Claire are willing to go to his house to retrieve their baseball, despite the fact that it was their only one. The two seem scared and intimidated by Walt, and Claire claims that if "Freddy Krueger and Hannibal Lecter had a love child, he would be scared of Walt Kleezak". Phil states that while he does not have a bad word to say about anyone, he states "Mr Kleezak is not a nice person". Later in the episode, Walt comes over to the Dunphy's house with onions, as a gift, and states that he will not harm Luke. The family and Walt latter become friends, largely through Luke and Walt's relationship.

Later in "The Last Walt", Walt suffered a heart attack and later died.


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